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LottoPicks -- display lottery results application  LottoPicks

LottoPicks displays the latest lottery results for all states where lotteries are available. The user can be directed to Safari based pages to view past results and use other pages available by LottoPicks is a free (ad-supported) application available from the iTunes store. Click on the following link to download it: LottoPicks. LottoPicks has been in the US AppStore top 50 downloads since it's release date 6/30.

LottoPicks will display the latest lottery results for Powerball, Mega Millions, Ohio's Classic Lotto, Lotto Texas, Hot Lotto, Oregon's Megabucks, California's SuperLotto Plus, as well as the various Pick3, Pick4 and other state lotteries.

LottoPicks shows results for the following US states:
- California (CA)
- Colorado (CO)
- Connecticut (CT)
- Delaware (DE)
- District of Columbia (DC
- Florida (FL)
- Georgia (GA)
- Idaho (ID)
- Illinois (IL)
- Indiana (IN)
- Iowa (IA)
- Kansas (KS)
- Kentucky (KY)
- Louisiana (LA)
- Maine (ME)
- Maryland (MD)
- Massachusetts (MA)
- Michigan (MI)
- Minnesota (MN)
- Missouri (MO)
- Montana (MT)
- Nebraska (NE)
- New Hampshire (NH)
- New Jersey (NJ)
- New Mexico (NM)
- New York (NY)
- North Carolina (NC)
- North Dakota (ND)
- Ohio (OH)
- Oklahoma (OK)
- Oregon (OR)
- Pennsylvania (PA)
- Rhode Island (RI)
- South Carolina (SC)
- South Dakota (SD)
- Tennessee (TN)
- Texas (TX)
- Vermont (VT)
- Virginia (VA)
- Washington (WA)
- West Virginia (WV)
- Wisconsin (WI)

Please visit our polls page and voice your preference for features to be included in future releases of LottoPick.